Hate makes you impotent, love makes you crazy. Somewhere in the middle you can survive. It's a bit to know where to begin. The ...

The Extreme Danger of Angry Exes

Hate makes you impotent, love makes you crazy. Somewhere in the middle you can survive.

It's a bit to know where to begin. The day we met, the day we moved in together? The day we first broke up or the final break up when we knew we'd never be together again?

Or was is the day she threw all my tools in the front yard and demanded I come get them before the sprinklers did?

Or the email I got from her seconds after I grabbed them, explain she couldn't believe I actually picked them all up?

Or do I begin with every day since, when she's refused to leave me alone? Bullying me with every attempt to destroy my life.

Let's start there.

Near 18 months ago I ended a relationship with a girl named Emilee Duncan. We were together nearly 3.5 years and towards the final days, were engaged.

Most of the relationship was bliss, some was not.

I missed our conversations. I missed our private jokes. I missed how we used to talk every minute of every day. I missed how I was able to tell her everything that was on my mind. I missed our life.

But during that time I missed the fact that she wasn't the person I was supposed to be with, and I wasn't the person for her. I didn't make the break up any easier. We both decided to end it. While we were breaking up she asked me one night "do you think in a year we should try it again?"

I shot from the hip and said "If we couldn't fix it in three years, what an extra year do?"

But loudly my heart was screaming "YES!"

After we broke up, we both found ways to heal. Mine was wishing we could talk and get closure. I'd send her occasional emails or text every 2 months or so. She wouldn't respond. I blocked her on all social media, in most part because she had started dating prior to me even moving out. I didn't want to see her with another person. From the day we broke up, I never looking into her life again. The pain involved in that would be more than I could bear.

Her healing was the opposite. She admittedly created "ghost accounts" across all formats of social media to look into my life. Her best friend's boyfriend explain it to me as "an unhealthy obsession". She'd befriend new people in my life and feel the need to tell them what a horrible person I was. She created alliances with girls I dated, so she could create the "Bill Hater Club of America".

It truly became the unhealthy obsession I was warned about.

Probably the most memorial moment for me, when I was truly concerned, was how a girl I had recently ended a relationship with had posted a picture of she and Emilee out dancing. This was days after the break up. How closely was Emilee following us to know we had broken up. It turns out she had already reached out to Nicole prior to that. Very strange.

In July of 2018 I found a comment she made in a /Relationship thread on Reddit. It was a subreddit I only subscribed to because during our final time together, she'd show me threads or comments related to our situation (while we were falling apart). I didn't poke around much. I didn't comment is that thread ever. But one day I found a post I could relate to. It was a woman talking about how her boyfriend like to remain friends with is exes. Sadly, that used to be me. Therapy and Emilee scolding me during our time together, convinced me it's a horrible idea. I read the comments and found Emilee speaking her voice there. It was only about her experiences with me. I was wrong in the past and she expressed it. I read it. I understood and commented in it. Emilee was not amused. The interaction ended with her and I in a short conversation where I promised her I'd never reach out to her again.

I meant it.

4 months go by. I had met someone new. It was a great relationship. One I was fairly proud of on social media. We had an amazing summer. I was moving into a larger house so we could be together. One week before moving in, the girl I'm dating goes silent for a few hours. She suddenly joins me with my group of friends and can barely use words. She asks me to go to her car and proceeds to tell me she had been on the phone with Emilee.

Emilee told her I was a pedophile.

I was in awe. I didn't even know here to begin to defend myself. I've NEVER been accused of something this horrible. But then it got worse. I learned she told her many other lies. And that Emilee had form a group of ex-girlfriends whose entire goal was to hurt me.

Great news for them. They nailed it.

It started because Emilee reached out to the ex-husband of my current girlfriend and sent this message.

Here are my girlfriend's words in an email to me:

Emilee told John you were physically and verbally abusive to her, that you stalked her since the day you moved out, that’s she’s been scared for her life every single day. She told John you were a pedophile. She told him that you dated a girl named Nicole and you constantly kissed her daughters on the lips even after she asked repeatedly that you don’t. She told John you threatened her. She convinced him she was very concerned for the health and safety of HIS DAUGHTER.

I can assure you none of this is true. Emilee then continued to call my girlfriend's mother and tell her the same thing. 

It got weirder, it got uglier. Jen, my girlfriend, and I broke up. Now she was in Bill Hate Club. 

Jen went in head first. Believe all the evil spewed by Emilee, Nicole who I dated over Thanksgiving and another girl named Calyse (Callie) who I shortly dated in the Spring. Nicole and Callie were girls I had left alone. I never slandered or attempted to hurt. I never really gave them much thought. I assumed they both moved on and gave me little thought as well. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Calyse Knox began digging into my social media nonstop. I learned from friends. 

I would see things like this in Instagram where she'd view my stories then quickly block my account. Sometimes she didn't block it enough

All four were constantly on my website, my social media and began "accidentally" walking in to place I frequented. 

I knew their IP addresses better than I knew my own phone number, I'd see it so much.

I began to get scared for my safety. I started putting the chain on my door. I changed the code to my building since they had it. 

While Jen was swimming in their hate, she began to do the math and realize none of it made sense. Also that they were truly putting too much time into me, and spying on ever inch of my life. 

Things where Emilee admitted to spying on my life. 

Jen reached out to me and warned me that I should be scared. Very scared. She shared their conversations with me. She even talked to Nicole one on one and realized nothing Nicole claimed to say was true. Nicole was afraid of Emilee. They all were.

Jen told me that not only were they spreading giant lies about me, they say little ones that made no sense. Emilee claimed, just to claim, that when we dated she made more money than me. I had actually made more than her. She told people when I asked her to marry me, she said no. Even though we posted engagement photos on Reddit. She told people she had walked in on me having sex with someone. This never happened.

I started to wonder if Emilee actually believe these things or was just out to defame me at level 9000.

During this time, girls who I dated almost a decade ago were reaching out to me asking why an ex-girlfriend was trying to talk to them. They were a little scared themselves now.

I know Emilee is upset because she is currently pregnant with a baby girl out of wedlock. During our time together, she was so adamant about NOT having children that she convinced me to get a vasectomy. She's about to be the one thing she never wanted to be, a mother. Her own mother abandoned her as a toddler. She's angry and upset and apparently I'm the outlet she needed.

Her boyfriend reached out rather violently and asked me a text I sent her asking me to leave her alone. When I pleaded my case and asked him to convince her to stay out of my life, he responded.

is her thing unhealthy yes, ill do what I can. I will do everything possible on my end to make
sure she stays out of your life.

That didn't work, He's completely aware something is wrong with her but unable to help talk her off the ledge.

When I talked to the police about stalker charges, the police let me know that if I file, and win, she could lose her job (A government clearance is required for her position). Also to be careful because she's pregnant and it could be physically hard on her as she was claiming to be fragile.

But a detective also told me she's not going to stop until I legally stop her, and the others helping. So I began going after her.

So after a bit of a legal battle, a few friends sent me a post she made.

I'm being bullied. Not only by her, but by a 3 girls I've dated in the past. I'm not perfect but I never purposely went out to hurt anyone. I don't understand the reasoning behind it.

Sadly this is far from over. Lawyers are talking. Investigations are happening. I'm forced to take legal action to keep her out of my life.

So when I get texts like this. I worry.

So, to quote the girl (Emilee Anne Duncan) who is making my life hell. If I ended up murdered, be sure to talk to her first. 

I just want my life back. 

UPDATE: On the 15th of November, Emilee learned I was talking to the police about filing stalking charges against her. She in turn called in a false police report that landed me in jail. She claimed I was harassing her, but it was proven, I wasn't. She did this knowing I'd be stuck in jail all weekend. The good news is, the police are aware it was a false report. The bad news is shows that she has zero morals in this event, and I feel it's only going to get uglier.

MORE UPDATE: Emilee continues to contact women in my life and add them to her hate gang. 7 years ago I went on a few dates with a girl named Lana Westbrook. Now Lana is reaching out as far as girls I knew in high school and telling them false information that I have a record out East. I can assure you this isn't the case.

Lana is a person I haven't seen in 7 years. But now she's using her energy to slander me with people I haven't seen for even longer. None of this makes sense. It appears some people have a harder time moving on than others. 

I want it all to end.