People steal on the internet. I'm sorry, lemme change that.  Complete assholes steal from the internet. Recently I had a few of my...

A-holes named Kevin Plencner and Nicholas Green stole from me, and many others

People steal on the internet.

I'm sorry, lemme change that. 

Complete assholes steal from the internet.

Recently I had a few of my Burning Man photos used for various other things. A record cover, a mock ad, a few Instagram pics claiming they were in the pics, and a shitty trash-rag called the Downtown Underground out of Las Vegas.

I reached out to the editor who claimed the author of the story submitted my photo with her work. So I quickly reached out to the author who let me know that was impossible since they never used her article. They told her "Thanks but not thanks".  I linked her to the piece and to her shock, they used it after all. It was a clear attempt to not have to pay her knowing no one would ever read their crappy magazine. They stole from her too.

I went back to the editor who told me he was shocked and would research it. I then learned their graphic artist was never paid as well. It seems everyone they came in contact with, was stiffed.


After I threatened legal action the asshole editor Kevin Plencner assured me he'd send me a check right away. Days went by and my initial thought that this was a lie, was true.

I called a phone number that was listed on their Facebook page. A woman answered and went on to tell me how she used to work for them but since they stopped paying her... yeah... you get the point.

People like this are the worst. Parasites who steal your creativity can die in a fire. Kevin Plencner is a failed real estate agent who after many lawsuit, and running away from Illinois to Vegas, is attempting to start another unneeded rag in Las Vegas. He's going to do it on the shoulders of people like me, never pay them a penny, and leave a wake of trash and lawsuits.

Don't be Kevin Plencner.


  1. I used to work for Kevin Plencner . I've a signed contract to cleaned the building he own at that time 10/2015-3/15/17.

    It stated he would pay me $10.00 an hour but he paid me $9.50 per hour. After , a man who lived with Kevin Plencner came to work for him, a tenant went crazy. The new male worker told Kevin , I was being sexually harassed by one of his tenants. There was joking that shouldn't had taken place. I didn't work for him so, how could he sexually harassed me ?

    The tenant accused me of harassing a contract worker at the police station. I was fired.

    Kevin has good intentions . I saw the honest of his character when I work for him.

    When I emailed him for the correct tax form, I asked for the $375.00 he still owns me.

    Department of Labor told me there was nothing they would do for me.

    IRS clerk told me it wasn't enough to paid taxes.

    In Kevin Plencner's email he told me I was crazy and going 'to see a doctor at the VA at a weekly bases.

    I informed Kevin Plencner I never saw a crazy doctor at the VA. I haven't been to the VA since 2014. I've tricare prime .

    His tenant Anthony's New York Pizza And Deli wrote on Yelp , I was crazy and to stay away from me .

    I took a snapped shot of their owner Robert Milo's comment. Yelp removed the comment.

    The owner of Sultan Grill threaten me with running me out of town , I should married a homeless person. He threaten to sue me for libel and his was friend's with the District Attorney.

    I never complaint about how the owner of Sultan Grill talked to me. It was a male friend who lived with Kevin Plencner who made the complaint to Kevin and his brother Kristopher Plencner .

    It has been impossible to find another job with Kevin as a reference or his tenants slandering me in Vegas .

    I have plans to move to Phoenix .

    I had Kevin's back 24/7 . I still believe Kevin Plencner is a good person.

    However , I believe his brother Kristopher Plencer is the real person behind the lack of not paying people, threating them and running them out of Las Vegas .

    Kevin Plencner doesn't have much money. It's the brother who he has to get the money from .

    Kevin Plencner is the fall man for his brother Kristopher Plencncer

    Kristipher Plencner is the person who owns the property not Kevin.

    I wish I was still working for Kevin Plencner . I know his brother would never allow Kevin to be anything but a fall person.

    If you get your money. Kevin or his brother Kristopher Plencner owns me $375.00.

    You can email me at

  2. Wow...
    Seems not much has changed with ol' Kev.
    Here's a link to the front page article (1 of 2) detailing our experience (as well as several other folks) with him when he signed us up to build a home with him in IL in the late 90's!
    "Homeowner's Dreams Turn Sour" is an understatement!