Google does one thing great. Searching. When it comes to that, it nails it. Even with its geeky algorithms and page ranking punishments ...

Google+ is starting to become the new AOL of the interwebz

Google does one thing great.


When it comes to that, it nails it. Even with its geeky algorithms and page ranking punishments that sometimes completely wipes a listing from the web with no explanation or communication, it's still a great search engine.

Even with its ads slowly blending into search results...

... or their inability to truly know porn from non-porn.

Wait.. I'm getting off track here. Anyhow, I use Google and I can kinda assume I always will. Even when they play little tricks like this-

I have two Google mail accounts. My first being my name Obviously I was the first Bill Doty to get a gmail account and I quickly snagged the name. In fact, I was one of the first people I know to have a gmail account. I was pretty fucking big back then.

My other is off my domain,, which I run via the Google Exchange server. I forward my original emails there, slowly weening myself from my original gmail email. Both are accessed through Gmail, just two different logins.

When Google+ came along I quickly snagged one of those up too. Sure I fell for the Google Twitter clone and all the other knockoffs... but what if this time Google actually pulled it off. Actually competed with Facebook. So with high hopes, I did it, and I log into it now about every 6 months just to see changes, disgust... and done. It's also off my account which there is never a reason to log into.

My email has no Google+ account. I don't need two unused social media accounts. That's just silly.

Now, when writing this I reminisce about the YouTube/Gmail account mess with made me actually close one of my YouTube accounts because I had no Gmail account to link it to. I was annoyed, didn't get it but figured Google was just being a dick about things. I've been married before and I understand what it's like to be told things that make no sense.

Now of course Google has decided you're not allowed to comment on YouTube videos until you're a Google+'er.... so my YouTube commenting days are over unless I feel the need to switch Google accounts back and forth.

Fine, enough is being said across the web, nothing more I can add.

But now there's THIS shit.

This morning Google said I had two notifications on my account.

Well, that seems weird. Sure, let's click and see. 

Sign into my Google+ account? Surely they are mistaken. There is no Google+ account associated with this email. Let's try to sign in.

Well, I'm logged in already... let's log in again

Google, you're a dirty little whore. You're now using sneaky techniques to get people to get a Google+ account. You're tricking people to THINK they have notifications... making them create an account, only to find out you're using the old AOL playbook of internet shit-biz-nezz.

So now, every day I'm going to see those nasty notifications.... knowing there's truly nothing there. And you're going to make me wonder day after day....

... is Bing really that bad?

UPDATE TIME!@!@!$!!!

So during the Redditing of this article yesterday I noticed a TON of direct traffic from Mountain View, CA. The home of Google. Today I noticed something different when visiting Google.

The notifications are now gone, in fact there isn't even a spot for them to NOT be there. The bell has disappeared. Also the link to my non-existent Google+ page is gone. 

So I just assumed this was a change across the web, but when I log into my work's Google account (Which doesn't have a Google+ page associated with it), all the things I was complaining about were still there. 

So am I to assume someone from Google personally fixed my account? Who knows. Everyone once in a while, someone listens. 

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