October 13, 2014

Hans Gruber Goes To A Christmas Party

Last week I posted a video of Ira Glass giving advice to creative people. In return my brother commented to me how funny I wasn't, how talented I wasn't and that Ira Glass is a bland nothing.

My brother drives a truck for propane company and refers to Obama as the "N-word" President. 

So it stung... but then I had to realize who it was coming from. My family is as creative as Racist-Vanilla. 

So I turned to the creative people in my life. My uber-talented friends. One of which being Noah Moody

Last month Noah and I talked about a vehicle in which he could show off his vocal talent. Mostly impression, V/O work... etc. After some thought I wrote a piece that was a perfect fit. Imagine Hans Gruber heading to a Xmas party and showing off some impressions while waiting for the line to the bathroom. 

So with that, came this. 

I love my super talented friends. They keep me happy and sane. 

Suck it family. 


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