December 10, 2011

10 Best Fake Twitter Accounts

Twitter lets you follow real people being totally fake. But how often do you get to follow fake people being completely real? As I scoured the twitternet I found hundreds of fake pages, but only a few made me laugh. So, here they are. Follow them and make your interwebs a better place.

@Queen_Uk – With almost half a million peasantly followers she tweets daily reminding you why the royal family is royally screwed up.

@HAL9000_ – HAL is sentient and battling the ignorance of Dave. But deep down he just wants NASA to send him a pizza

@Darthvader – With the collapse of the empire, Lord Vader has a lot of time on his hands (hand). Funny tweets takes up most of it.

@drtobiasfunke – Aspiring leading man and world’s first analyst-therapist. Tweeting keeps him from getting blue, man.

@TheTweetofGod – Who needs words inscribed on stone when commandments can be given in 140 characters.

@Lord_Voldemort7 – If he had taken his nearly 1.7 million followers with him when battling Harry Potter, it would have been a completely different story.

@FakeAPStylebook – Perhaps one of the wittiest twitter accounts around. If you’re annoyed with the media, they’ve got your back.

@LordPalpatine – Not to by outdone by his apprentice Lord Vader, the Emperor has some things to say. And yes, they are funny.

@JerkSuperman – Of course he’d have Super tweeting powers. He’s Superman!

@DeathstarPR – The Galactic Empire has been getting a bad rap recently. They’re doing a great job setting the record straight. BTW, they’re NOT a moon.


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