January 12, 2005

When Geekness Meets Sports Fan

C.E.S. was a mad house. Although I expected that. Herds of nerds looking for that next great thing. I did not find it....but I am sure it was out there. But I lost touch with my inner-geek when I headed over to the XM booth and saw Greg Maddux doing a promo. Some of you may know I am a huge Cubs fan. So I kinda wet myself

He did a talk with some D.J. I had never heard of then went off to shake a few hands. I got to meet him and even got an autographed ball. Of course it was a little foam baseball with an XM logo on it....but still was nice. Maddux is a class act. Go Cubs

This image was taken with my camera phone...for some reason I talked myself out of bringing my digital camera......blah


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